Pastoral of Vocations

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It is the preparatory phase which precedes the novitiate, where girls are prepared to the monastic life and practice some spiritual exercises and assimilate their duties in the convent, which allow them to achieve their sacred vocation. On the other hand, this period of time gives the girls the chance to evaluate the skills needed to fulfill the duties of belonging to this congregation.


This phase lasts two years and focuses on nudging novices in knowing the congregation and its goals, and to abide by its living laws, its spirit, habits and spirituality which will help them to make sure of their vocation veracity in order to continue this path, convinced and dedicated.
Similarly, the novitiate aims to deepen the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the pastoral soul, as it allows us to know the sacred laws. This stage is a condition to fulfill the vows.


The phase of temporary vows:
The aim of this phase is to provide the sister with an abundant culture by pursuing her studies and specialization that helps her to accomplish the mission delegated to her in the most perfect way. She accomplishes her monastic duties and is dedicated to her spiritual life by remaining faithful to the spirituality of the congregation.


The phase of perpetual vows:
The training continues through this phase and for lifetime by organizing sessions and private meetings. The purpose of the latter is to provide the sisters with the needed skills to teach catechesis, means of living the mission, and around contemporary life in the Church, which allow them to face the challenges and problems of our current century, so they can build a fruitful and constructive mission, while remaining faithful to their personal talent by deepening in the essence of the spirituality and the purposes of the congregation.
All this aims to help the girls to live the vocation as a gift that is renewed day after day, so that we may be witnesses of the miracles of God, not by word, but by living a life lighted by Christ, capable of surprising the world; just like what He announces: “He who believes in me, also does the work that I do, and makes greater ones” (John 14:12)

The congregation organize this year 3 Spiritual Retreats to help young girl to discern their vocation:

– 6- 8 January 2023

– 6- 8 April 2023

– 18- 20 August 2023